Twilight Book Quiz

Question #1: Phoenix\'s temperature right before Bella leaves to Forks?

Question #2: What period is Edward & Bella\'s Biology class?

Question #3: How many cars away was Edward before he saved her from the van?

Question #4: What year is Jacob Black\'s VW Rabbit?

Question #5: What is the name of a Filipino Vampire?

Question #6: What color is the sweater Bella wears to Port Angeles?

Question #7: What animal does Edward prefer to eat?

Question #8: Edward & Bella\'s Biology teacher\'s name?

Question #9: What year was Edward born?

Question #10: In what mountains did Rosalie rescue Emmett from the bear?

Question #11: What birthday has Carlisle just celebrated?

Question #12: Bella gives Alice & Jasper the slip at?

Question #13: Bella thinks James has her mom but she\'s actually still in?

Question #14: What is the color of Bella\'s prom dress?

Question #15: At the end of this book, Edward kisses Bella on the?

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